Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From the womb to the world...It is 'sense'-ational.

While your baby is safe in your womb, they are used to very different sensations than they experience in the daily routines after they are born! Understanding what was comforting for your baby in the womb may help in making baby's transition to the real world more smooth. We all need to be touched and for most people touch (the right kind of touch) is very comforting. In the womb a baby is not exposed to light touch instead they are hugged in a squishy tight space with the constant reassuring sound of mom's heart beat and regular gurgling from whatever mom is digesting. The womb provides the perfect amount of pressure and vibration to calm and comfort baby.

After that the sensory real world can feel quite hostile and uncomfortable! Bright lights, different textured cloths, water, doors slamming, dog barking, unpredictable touches and the cold wet wipes!! Is it any wonder why some babies do not want to come out!

When I baby is having a difficult time settling think about the sensory environment and how can you recreate some of the same sensations that baby experienced in the womb.